“The idea was to create versatile hybrid design that could stand out amidst all of your home furniture and narrate a personal story.”

Presenting; a culturally-rich, eccentric collection of illustrated pillows and cushion cases to transform your home decor into an enthusiast’s dream. These Nuvula cushions will be the perfect accent pieces for your living room, bedroom, and backyards.

Timelessness is the key to all Nuvula designs. In creating these accent pieces for your living room, we constantly went back and forth in time to decades-old traditions and futuristic hues. The idea was to create versatile hybrid works of art that could stand out amidst all of your home furniture and narrate a personal story.  

We took up lines, motifs, and patterns from all across the seven arts, trying to encapsulate the essence of each.Thus, by redefining some boundaries of fabric art, we now present an unparalleled collection for our costumers. Nuvula hybridizes these pieces into time, creating a new era decorated with eye-catching fashion pieces and textiles patterns for home décor.

“An eccentric collection to transform your home decor into an enthusiast’s dream”

Our creative team came together earlier this year to brainstorm the birth of an imaginative creation. After much experimentation with colors, our original pattern designs, and general customer feedback, Nuvula is ready to introduce this beautiful capsule homedecor collection.

“Purchasing a Nuvula piece is like buying an artsy artifact that is sure to stand the test of time”

As the world beams bright with the festivity of socializing and coming back together as a community, Nuvula’s designs are an ode to this spirit of togetherness.

Our vision for the cushions was vibrance and high-spirited emotion. We have tried to blend in the taste and style of individuals to craft eccentric bedroom pieces. With our all-new cotton satin bedding pieces, we intend to remain true to our roots and provide a state-of-the-art addition to the field of cushion art. Each print holds a story, each color a vibrant hue reminiscent of your personality and taste. By choosing to believe in our designer bedding, you choose to believe in the power of art and design. Perhaps, a silky-soft, artsy companion in the night is all you need to get that good night’s sleep.

“Introducing our all all-new, whimsical range of eco-friendly activewear and yoga line, we hope we can be of help. Perhaps their individualistic designs and colors .”

New eco-friendly Active Wear & Yoga Line

Why must we always associate athletic wear with dull colors and monotonous motifs? At Nuvula, we believe in the power of imagination and redefining fashion to suit the contemporary lifestyle of individuals. After all, during exercise, one feels the closest to their body, marveling at its strength, understanding its limits.

It is only fair to embrace this body with a garment reflective of its strength. It deserves an
outfit that reflect your identity and taste, strengthening the link between the body and the mind.

Recycled poly (rPET) uses PET as a raw material which is often found in water bottles. To turn these bottles into the material,the plastic is sterilized and crushed. It is then spun into a string of yarn which can be transformed into a fiber and then blended to create the fabric.


“Striving to maintain great integrity while using green materials as much as possible and a thorough knowledge/ supervision of the entire manufacturing process, we keep our love of the planet at the helm of each and every project we create.”

An Eco-friendly Approach to Fashion

Beyond creative liberties and quality, Nuvula has also stood by its motto for sustainability. While experimenting with new designs and constantly producing garments, we have upheld an eco-friendly, eco-conscious business model. Today, we introduce our all-new and very versatile textile print process for the new collections. For each piece we have produced to date, we followed the energy-efficient process of reactive printing. This is a low-waste technique that still produces premium results. It focuses on reusing and recirculating all damaged pieces, leftover fabric, water, and energy.

Our activewear and swimwear line are made from recycled polyester.

What is recycled polyester?

Recycled polyester (rPET for short) is a fabric that’s produced from synthetic fibers. Recycled polyester is produced by recycling existing materials; like plastic bottles and packaging but still has all the characteristics and performance as a regular polyester, making it a more sustainable fabric alternative.

How’s recycled polyester made?

Recycled polyester is made by crushing plastic products into small pieces. These small pieces are then processed into yarn, transformed into a fiber, and in the end—made into a fabric.

What are the advantages of recycled polyester?

Producing rPet takes 33% to 53% less energy than creating polyester from scratch. Also, rPet produces approximately 54.6% fewer CO2 emissions to the air than virgin polyester, plus this plastic recycles materials have a second life in generating a whole new fabric for a garment.

Although our designs and products have changed over the years, Nuvula was, is, and will always remain an ecoconscious, eco–friendly company. Striving to maintain great integrity while using green materials as much as possible and a thorough knowledge/ supervision of the entire manufacturing process, we keep our love of the planet at the helm of each and every project we create.

Eco-Friendly Activewear

For our activewear collection, we have followed a reactive printing technique. The regime encourages washing and reusing fabric, recirculating water, and power-saving energy sources for the preparation and printing.

 Under the multistep process, we work to minimize waste production at each stage. Unlike traditional printing means such as pigment printing, Nuvula takes up no compromise in quality and sustainability.

After all, if you must wear your imagination, you need a safe and healthy environment to do it in.

“We will continue to design our pieces in a way that favors the environment while also advocating for a return to exceptional style and individuality. .”

Applications of Textile & Prints

Our vibrant, one-of-a-kind pieces are merely an attempt to reflect and contribute to this freedom. Thus, we proudly present another striking collection of textile prints that comply with Nuvula standards yet are nothing like their predecessor designs. Gear up for another whimsical adventure!

For the last few years, the Nuvula designers remained busy unlocking a new segment of imagination or an unventured domain in textile printing.

What we are bringing forth for you this time around is unlike anything you have seen before at Nuvula. Over the years, we have given out abstract motif designs, uniform geometrical patterns, subtle flower arrangements, etc. These new prints take up inspiration from old designs, culturally-rich patterns, and futuristic color palettes to create a beautiful amalgam of art.

The new Nuvula textile prints world is vast and rich with color and design. Home Decor and Accent pieces ; As the world readjusts to the spirit of togetherness and festivity, Nuvula has been preoccupied with creating the best gifts for you. These prints will be the ideal choice as accent pieces for your living room, such as cushions, linen covers, and chairs.

The color palette is rich, featuring bold magentas and glaring greens to reflect the splendor of festivity. Due to a maximalist base, we will be sticking with subtle motifs prints featuring symmetrical shapes or delicate flower patterns. This contrast allows us to balance the piece in terms of aesthetics to ensure it is the center of every eye in the party.

Continuing with the euphoric spirit, we have also put much attention into expanding our home decor collection. When your living room beams with Nuvula's striking accent pieces, you will need to organize all other aspects to complement them. And what better than getting matching accessories carrying the same distinct Nuvula boldness?

Our home decor line features wallpapers, cutlery, table sets, and kitchenware pieces that will perfectly harmonize with all your delighted decorations. You can choose designs with similar color palettes or go for matching sets from our new textile prints to add a unique individuality to the room.

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